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Repainting our Kalmar

Postat: 04 feb 2018 20:04
av Riesjart

My father and I are working hard to get our Kalmar back in shape. Things are coming together and some parts are almost ready for a paint job.
Since my fathers first car was a grey Kalmar, he would really like the car to become it's original grey color again.

I have read both the threads about the color on this forum (with a little help of google translate) but this does not really seem to give an answer.

I have found this on our Kalmar: Beckers Dynalon Enamel TF 703 5003
This car is grey, but here and there you can see the yellow through it.

Can you help me how to find a color that comes as close as possible to its original grey color?

Thanks for your help!

Re: Repainting our Kalmar

Postat: 04 feb 2018 23:23
av HKC616
Your Tjorven has most likely its original grey paint, KVD 441 B means private sold Tjorven (never sold yellow i think). And paintcode TF-103-5003 means grey, i have three grey with this code. This old paintcodes are worthless for a paintshop so you need to do a colorscan.

Where do you have find yellow paint? Sometimes a door or a frontfender has been replaced after an accident and yellow panels from old "mail-Tjorven" has been used.

We are very interested to se some pictures of your working progress.


Re: Repainting our Kalmar

Postat: 05 feb 2018 22:33
av Riesjart
Thanks for your fast response!

I was hoping someone maybe had some sort of colorscheme from previous restauration.
The yellow paint is indeed visible on the rear door, so could well be that the door is not the original one.

I will post some pictures later this week on this forum